2.12. What are the benefits under COIDA?

2.12. What are the benefits under COIDA?

2.12.1. Reasonable Medical Expenses

All reasonable medical expenses for services provided by a registered medical service provider that are approved by the Compensation Fund and are in the opinion of the Compensation Fund / FEM essential.

2.12.2. Temporary Total Disablement (TTD)

  • 75% of an employee’s weekly earnings at the time of the accident – Section 47(1) (a), subject to the prescribed minimum and maximum amounts.
  • An employer is liable for TTD payments for the first three months from the date of accident – Section 47(3)(a).
  • Should the employee remain unfit for longer than three months, FEM will compensate the employee directly – Section 47(3)(b).

2.12.3. Permanent Disablement (PD)

  • Means Permanent Disablement for employment, permanent injury or serious disfigurement.
  • This is awarded to an employee for injuries ranging from the loss of a tooth, deafness, blindness, amputation of a limb, loss of mobility etc.
  • If the PD is assessed, more than 30% compensation will take the form of a monthly pension.
  • Where the degree of disablement is 30% or less, compensation will take the form of a lump sum based on 15 times the employee’s monthly earnings at the time of the accident.

2.12.4. Fatal

  • When an employee dies as a result of an injury on duty, his/her dependants may be entitled to compensation in terms of Section 54(1)(b) of the Act.
  • Compensation is based on the employee’s earnings at the time of his death and the relevant wage ceiling set by the Commissioner.
  • A widow will be entitled to 40% of the pension, she will receive it for life even if she remarries.
  • The widow also receives a lump sum equivalent to twice the deceased employee’s monthly pension.
  • The children receive a portion of the pension up to a maximum of 20% per child until the age of 18, or they die or marry before the age of 18. The total pension payable to all the children is a maximum of 60% of the pension with a maximum of 20% per child.
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